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Association of Food and Drug Officials


Resolution 5

Submitted by: AFDO Board of Directors

Date: June 5, 2012

Concerning: Training Industry to Participate in an Integrated Food Safety System

Whereas, The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has established a statutory framework for development of an Integrated Food Safety System comprised of federal, state, territorial, tribal and local agencies with food safety responsibilities, and

Whereas,   A key requirement of FSMA is a focus on preventing food safety problems rather than relying primarily on reacting to problems after they occur, and

Whereas, industry has the primary responsibility for growing, processing, transporting,  and marketing safe food on a local, regional, national and global basis, and

Whereas, an integrated food safety system will require strong working partnerships among all stakeholders, including industry, to be successful, and

Whereas, AFDO believes that joint training, when appropriate, with governmental food safety officials is necessary for ensuring that regulators and industry have a common knowledge and skills baseline for preventing and addressing food safety incidents and protecting public health, and

Whereas AFDO supports the inclusion of industry considerations and participation, where appropriate, in the curriculum planning, course development, and delivery of training initiatives undertaken within FDA’s Integrated Food Protection Training and Certification System, and

Be it resolved that joint training of regulators and industry should be encouraged in Food Safety Modernization Act initiatives such as the Preventive Controls Alliance, the Produce Safety Alliance, the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Alliance, the Sprout Alliance, and the Seafood HACCP Alliance, and

Be it further resolved that training built for regulatory or industry purposes meet quality and content standards being developed by the International Food Protection Training Institute under FDA’s Integrated Food Protection Training and Certification System, and

Be it further resolved that AFDO advise the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture of the need to support inclusion of industry, where appropriate, into training developed for, and offered to regulatory officials.

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