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Association of Food and Drug Officials


Resolution 1

Submitted by: AFDO Food Committee  

Date: March 15, 2012

Concerning: Food Freedom Laws

Whereas, the Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO) is a major supporter and promoter of a national integrated food safety system, and 

Whereas, AFDO recognizes the critical importance of applying uniform rules by all levels of government as part of the foundation to a national integrated food safety system, and 

Whereas, AFDO firmly believes it is not unreasonable to require any entity that sells food for human consumption to be responsible for the safety of that food, and 

Whereas, a number of state legislative proposals known as “Food Freedom Laws” are aimed at eliminating government involvement in regulating small businesses or farmers that are involved in the marketing of food for human consumption, and 

Whereas, several of these proposed rules go as far as possible imprisonment for violators of these proposed rules such as state and federal government regulatory officials, and

Whereas, the fragmentation of state and national food safety laws that would be caused by allowing these numerous individualized laws to exist across the country would be damaging to the advancement of a national integrated food safety system, and 

Whereas, there already exist current means and provisions to produce, manufacture and sell locally grown/produced foods freely that are in harmony with federal and state laws, therefore

Be it resolved, that AFDO write to the National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) and State food safety agencies and advise them of AFDO’s concern with Food Freedom Laws and the potential harm they would create for advancing a national integrated food safety system, and be it further

Be it further resolved, that AFDO advise FDA and USDA of our position on Food Freedom Laws and ask that they support AFDO on this position.

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