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Association of Food and Drug Officials


May 25, 2012

Contact: Joe Corby, 518-860-2838,

Cottage Foods Regulatory Guidance for Best Practices Now Available through AFDO

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) is pleased to announce the completion and availability of the document, “Cottage Foods Regulatory Guidance for Best Practices”.

The document was developed for state and local food safety regulators to provide guidance on the management of food safety issues with cottage food operations. AFDO’s Food Committee, consisting of food protection officials from around the country, produced the guidance document for this type of food establishment, which is generally monitored in a very limited fashion by government regulatory agencies.

Cottage food operations are, in many cases, unlicensed or unregistered, and the limited oversight of these operations may present a gap in our current food safety and security system in this country. 

The scope of these guidelines is comparable to those accepted practices currently recognized in several states and represents a consensus opinion of AFDO members. AFDO believes that adopting and implementing these guidelines, where there is little or no oversight of such activities, can eliminate a void in the national goal of a seamless food safety and security system. 

The guidance document sets limitations on what cottage food operations can do and identifies specific foods that may and may not be produced. The document also contains a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

For more information or to purchase this Guide, please visit the AFDO Bookstore at

About Association of Food and Drug Officials

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), established in 1896, successfully fosters uniformity in the adoption and enforcement of science-based food, drug, medical devices, cosmetics and product safety laws, rules, and regulations.  AFDO and its six Regional Affiliates provide the mechanism and the forum where regional, national and international issues are deliberated and resolved to uniformly provide the best public health and consumer protection in the most expeditious and cost effective manner.

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