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Guidelines: Inspection & Enforcement of GMP Regulations for Packaged Ice

These guidelines provide information to unfairly apply the Good Manufacturing Regulations
to packaged ice manufacturing and handling operations. This information should be used as
guidance during inspections of packaged ice manufacturing and handling operations and should
be taken into consideration when violations of Good Manufacturing Practices are evaluated for
regulatory follow-up.

These guidelines have been prepared as an adjunct to the GMP Regulations and do not
replace or supersede them. In addition, the Packaged Ice Association has developed specific
guidance for ice manufacturing and handling operations which, if followed, will result in
general compliance with the GMP regulations and these guidelines.

Many inspections are being conducted by state and local governments which cover convenience stores and other types of establishments that also house a small ice manufacturing operation.  These inspections should evaluate the packaged ice manufacturing and handling processes for compliance with the GMP Regulations and these guidelines.

Inspections of large ice manufacturing plants must be inspected using these same standards to
evaluate compliance.
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