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Why Contribute

Uniformity in state laws, regulations and interpretations as well as an educated, well trained regulatory workforce and industry operations staff remains crucially important.

When California Proposition 65 was brought to the attention of AFDO several years ago, the Association adopted a very strong resolution opposing this legislation.  The Association took a courageous stand for uniformity at a crucial moment.

When HACCP became an increasingly important regulatory system, AFDO answered the call by undertaking a major training initiative to help industry, as well as regulatory personnel, uniformly prepare for new regulations implementing this new regulatory approach.

When training needs arise in areas such as medical devices, product recalls, product imports/exports, dietary supplements, and the list goes on, AFDO diligently works to develop meaningful and timely training workshops.

AFDO’s principles of cooperation and communication have opened the door for highly beneficial interchanges with industry.  If a firm has a problem in a particular state, one can pick up the phone and call that state’s official with whom you will be acquainted through AFDO.  The state official will know you and your firm’s integrity and policies, such that potentially situations with adverse public relations or other consequences can readily be defused.  AFDO is the primary vehicle for that kind of communication and cooperation, and its value to industry and consumers in inestimable.
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