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Here is helpful information for new and experienced instructors.  Please feel free to call or email the AFDO office with any additional questions or concerns.

Register a Course

Applications for domestic courses and international courses must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the course to:
155 W Market Street - 3rd Floor
York, PA 17401
Fax:  717-650-3650
The AFDO Office will forward the applications to the assigned AFDO/Seafood Committee for review and comment.  Response can be:
  • Registration approved
  • Registration pending modifications (itemized)
  • Registration denied
Requirements Recommendations 
  • Must use most current editions of training manual and FDA Hazards Guide
  • The supervisory instructor must be present for duration of course
  • International courses must be conducted in cooperation with AFDO liaison
  • Fees must be consistent with Alliance intention to minimize costs (see section 8.0 of protocol)
  • Students must provide proof of completion of the Segment One Internet Course to be eligible to attend a Segment Two Course
  • Submit course applications at least three weeks prior to anticipated course start date.
  • Utilize the AFDO regional affiliates
  • Basic Course student ratio: 2-3 instructors per 25-30 students
  • Segment Two Course student ratio: 2 instructors per 16-30 students

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Course Documentation

The following documents are provided to the supervisory instructor upon approval of a course.  It is the responsibility of the supervisory instructor that all documentation is completed in full and returned to the AFDO office following the conclusion of the course.  These documents are templates so feel free to download a copy to keep on file.
  • Instructor Worksheet Form (Completed by instructor)
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Student Course Evaluation Form
  • An invoice (Domestic Basic, Domestic SCP, International Basic, or International SCP)

Course Conclusion

At the conclusion of your course, please email the Instructor Worksheet Form to Include your course number in the title of the email or reply to the course approval email you received from the AFDO office.  Please note that this document must be sent the AFDO office in electronic format for importation into the main HACCP database.  Do not alter any of the field names and please type the names exactly as the students want them to appear on their certificate.

The Student Information Sheets, Student Course Evaluation Forms, and payment should be emailed to or mailed directly to the AFDO office at:
155 W Market Street - 3rd Floor
York PA 17401

Training Manuals

The HACCP Training Curriculum, 6th edition (SGR 127) and FDA Hazards Guide, 4th edition (SGR 129) are available to order from the University of Florida, IFAS Extention Bookstore.

Training Materials are available in both English and Spanish.

In addition, the FDA Hazards Guide (4th edition) is available for free in electronic format only.

Teaching Support Materials


The National Seafood HACCP Alliance for Training and Education editorial committee has developed a number of extra Model HACCP Plans that can be used during the third day of the basic HACCP course or the Segment Two HACCP one-day course. These models are intended to help participants understand the basic principles of HACCP by going through the process of developing their own Hazard Analysis and HACCP plan using the FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guide.


The Seafood HACCP Alliance also developed an extensive PowerPoint presentation that can be utilized by course instructors.  Instructors can download the entire presentation or only the chapters they desire.


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