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Association of Food and Drug Officials


Resolution 5

Submitted by:  AFDO Seafood Committee

Date:  June 20, 2011

Concerning: Formal request for FDA to continue partial support for the Seafood HACCP Alliance (SHA) for Education and Training

Whereas, the SHA has proven to be a very successful educational and training program assisting comprehension and implementation of FDA and State regulatory mandates for HACCP programs for seafood processing and commerce in the United States, and

Whereas, the SHA basic Seafood HACCP training programs are valued, respected and relied upon by both regulatory and commercial participants about our nation and the world, and

Whereas, the SHA has proven to be an integral educational component of AFDO’s and FDA’s cooperative alignment with the pertinent regulatory programs across every state and U.S. territory, the respective industry sectors from production through processing and retail operations, and the nation’s network of academic experts addressing seafood safety, and

Whereas, the SHA has recently prepared new seafood HACCP training materials to complement and help explain the new, recently released (April 26, 2011) edition of FDA’s Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance, and

Whereas, the SHA is anticipating additional training support through annual Train-the-Trainer courses to assure a cadre of qualified instructors for both domestic and international audiences affecting commerce of seafood in the United States, and

Whereas, the SHA success has been based on cost-effective cooperation across existing academic and regulatory programs that can be leveraged to provide more cost-affordable training, and

Whereas, the SHA program is serving as a ‘model’ for development of similar food safety training programs for produce and other foods sold in the United States, therefore, be it

Resolved, that AFDO formally request continuation of partial support for basic SHA maintenance and infrastructure, to include the annual SHA Steering Committee meeting, based on existing funds that can be allocated for use through three years (2011-2014).

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