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Association of Food and Drug Officials


August 10, 2010

Contact: Joe Corby, Executive Director, 518-860-2838


York, PA - - Seafood expertise in Extension Services through Sea Grant Programs and the respective Universities have developed a special training program to assist the seafood industry in providing additional evidence for the safety of all seafood harvested from open and approved waters from the Gulf of Mexico. This program is an enhanced and updated HACCP approach as mandated by current regulations, plus additional sensory and analytical screening for verification and promotion to buyers and public interests.

Participants have included primary seafood processing firms purchasing and selling seafood harvested about the Gulf of Mexico and the respective regulatory authorities and seafood marketing programs within the Gulf area states. Participation in the training is voluntary.

Course instruction explains the implementation of an enhanced HACCP program and provides sensory training with actual seafood samples prepared using wild seafood products harvested from local Gulf waters.

Current courses are planned for August 11 in Houston, and August 11 and 12 in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Additional courses are being planned for Alabama and Mississippi as well. Interested persons should contact the following individuals concerning registration to the courses:

August 11         Hilton-Hobby Airport, Houston, TX

            (Coordinator, Russ Miget, 361-947-3288; )

August 11         Ingram Hall, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA
                        (Coordinator, Lucina Lampila, 225-578-5207; )

August 12         Laitram Machinery Conference Room, New Orleans, LA

            (Coordinator, Jon Bell, 504-616-2885; )

August              To be announced in Mississippi and Alabama

            (Coordinator, Bill Walton, 251-861-3018x2;

Courses are provided at no cost to assist the industry and assure public welfare.


Instruction will be provided by a cadre of certified Seafood HACCP Alliance trainers, sensory experts from various universities, and assistants using techniques consistent with the HACCP mandates and sensory training by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the respective State authorities for food safety. Courses will be one-day and half-day duration depending on amount of products and participants involved. Topics include:

New HACCP Model for Seafood Safety from the Gulf of Mexico (Procedures & Forms)

Critical Control Point – Harvest Location

Additional Sensory Screening

Additional Analytical Screening Services

Basic Sensory Training

Procedures and Standards

Demo and Trials with various seafood product

Sample Packing, Identification and Storing

All persons attending the course will be issued 'certificates’ for course completion that will be documented and filed in support of the training and implementation of the “HOW” program to assure seafood safety from the Gulf of Mexico.

Limited travel funds for state regulatory officials are available from the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) through AFDO.

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