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Media Releases

 8/2/19Media Release Repacking Guidance
 8/2/19Tattoo Ink and Permanent Labeling Guide News Release
 9/7/18AFDO Released Incubator Kitchens Guide
 8/31/18 AFDO Releases Food Salvage Guide 
 7/18-18Association of Food and Drug Officials Leadership Changes
 6/27/18Partners with a Common Purpose - AFDO Conference 
6/22/18Dr. William Teeter Receives the Harvey W. Wiley Award 
6/22/18Ken Stevenson Receives the Drug and Device Industry Award 
6/22/18Mark Micklos Receives the Food Industry Award 
6/22/18The Georgia Department of Agriculture Receives the Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award 
6/22/18Jacob Multerer Receives the Achievement Award 
6/22/18Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients  
6/22/18George Burditt, Betsy Woodward, and Denise Rooney Scholarship Recipients  
10/16/17Partners With a Common Purpose – A New AFDO and Industry Vision
6/1/17President’s Proposed Budget Jeopardizes Food Protection Programs
4/19/16IFPTI Seeking Fellowship for Food Protection Applications 
4/13/16Senior FDA and USDA Officials Speaking at AFDO Conference 
3/7/16AFDO Releases Food Processing Authorities Listing 
7/8/15Charlene Bruce Receives the AFDO Harvey W. Wiley Award 
7/8/15Andy Bonanno Receives the AFDO Associate Member Award 
5/22/15AFDO Supports Increasing FDA Budget for Food Safety Modernization Implementation
12/19/14AFDO to Present Integration Forum at Food Safety Summit 
8/11/14AFDO to Develop Allergen Controls at Retail Guidance 
7/18/14Harvey W. Wiley Award Recipient 
7/18/14Associate Member Award Recipient 
7/18/14Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award 
7/18/14AFDO Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients 
11/27/13    FDA and AFDO Partner to Award Grants to State, Local, Territorial, and Tribal Regulatory Retail Food Programs 
2/21/13Food and Feed Safety Agencies to be Surveyed in Support of FSMA 
9/14/12AFDO to Collaborate with APHL and AAFCO on Laboratory Integration Effort 
6/5/12Harvey W. Wiley Recipient 
6/5/12Associate Member Recipient 
6/5/12Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award 
6/5/12Achievement Award Recipient 
6/5/12Scholarship Recipients 
5/25/12New Cottage Foods Guidance 
4/13/12Inaugural Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Alliance (MFRPA) Meeting 
3/21/12116th AFDO Annual Educational Conference
1/5/12A Guide to Can Defects and Basic Components of Double Seam Containers 
10/15/11FDA Awards Cooperative Agreement to AFDO 
2/24/11115th AFDO Annual Educational Conference 
8/10/10Assuring Safe Seafood from the Gulf 
7/14/10Product Tracing in Food Systems - AFDO and IFT 
3/1/10Model Code for Produce Safety 

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