Association of Food and Drug Officials

Protocol for Committee Reports

1. President-Elect shall develop committee charges for the upcoming year with assistance from the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and committee members.  These individuals shall be requested, by April 15, to offer three issues/areas of concern to be addressed be AFDO committees.

2. President-Elect shall provide committee charges to the Committee Chairs by May 1.

3. Committee Chairs shall review committee charges and discuss strategies for fulfilling or changing the charges with the appropriate AFDO Committee Liaisons.  The AFDO Committee Liaisons shall then advise the AFDO office and President-Elect of final charges by June 1.

4. Committee Chairs shall review the charges with their committees and commence working on their charges.

5. Committee Reports shall be posted on the AFDO web site as functioning documents and shall be updated by Committee Chairs.

6. Written and submitted Interim Reports shall not be required, but Committee Chairs shall intermittently discuss Committee activities with AFDO Committee Liaisons.

7. Committee Liaisons shall update AFDO Board on Committee activities at Fall Board meeting and Spring Board meeting.

8. Final reports shall be completed by May 1 and shall be distributed to AFDO Board for discussion and approval.  Board shall approve final reports by May 15.


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