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Harvey W. Wiley Award

The Harvey W. Wiley Award is AFDO's most prestigious award.  It is presented to a regular or honorary member for exceptional service to the state or nation in the performance of duties and responsibilities in the administration and enforcement of food and drug Law and/or consumer protection laws and demonstrated promotion of the objectives of the Association. 

The award recipient is determined by the Wiley Award Subcommittee which consists of past winners of this award and is chaired by the most recent recipient.

Nominations must be received by the chairperson by the 15th of February accompanied by a resume of the nominee, accomplishments and a biography, not to exceed three (3) pages.

Past Recipients 
Year Name 
2019Steve Stich
2018 Dr. William Teeter
2017 Steve Steingart
2016 Richard Barnes
2015Charlene Bruce 
2014Ron Klein 
2013 Dan Smyly 
2012 Gerald Wojtala
2011 Cameron Smoak
2010 Ernest Julian
2009 Alfred Bugenhagen
2008 Marion Aller
2007 Gene Blake
2006 Terry Macaig
2005 Steve Steinhoff
2004 Doug Saunders
2003 Dan Sowards
2002 Gary German
2001 J. Joseph Corby
2000 James Sevchik
1999 Dennis Baker
1998 Heinz Wilms
1997 Betsy Woodward
1996 Mary Logan
1995 Ross Koeser
1994 Donald Healton
1993 Thomas Masso
1992 Thomas Messenger
1991 Mary Heslin
1990 Richard Moats
1989 Edward Heffron
1988 Martha Roberts
1987 Robert Tucker
1986 Eaton Smith
1985 William Cobb
1984 Irving Bell
1983 Joseph Hile
1982 Frederick Siino
1981 Norman Kirschbaum
1980 Ray Vanhuss, Jr.
1979 R. Kenneth Buell
1978 Roy Upham
1977 Shelby Johnson
1976 Kenneth Carl
1975 Donald Mitchell
1974 Glenn Kilpatrick
1973 Creo Jones
1972 Orlen  Wiemann
1971 Francis Balassone
1970 Frank Fisher
1969 George Akau
1968 Vincent Stewart
1967 Ernest Constable
1966 James Pearson
1965 Caroll Brinsfield
1964 Joe Lakey
1963 Eugene Holeman
1962 Evan Wright
1961 Harold Clark
1960 William Reindollar
1959 Arnold Lehman
1958 Henry Hoffman
1957 Sarah Dugan
1956 Milton Duffy 

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