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Association of Food and Drug Officials

Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award

Established in 2010, the Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award is given to recognize outstanding achievements made by food safety programs within State Departments of Agriculture, Natural Resource Agencies, Public Health Departments or Environmental Conservation Departments in the United States or Canada. The award will go to the program that best showcases improvement, innovation or sustained high performance within a food safety program. A food safety program could include responsibility for: food safety, food protection, and food defense or food sanitation.

Anyone may nominate an eligible program for this award.  Ideally the nomination should come from someone that is familiar with the agency’s food safety program.  The name of an AFDO member from the nominated agency/organization shall be indicated on the nomination form, but s/he is not asked to approve the nomination.    Nomination forms for this award must be submitted to the AFDO Awards Committee Chair by April 1st, and will be reviewed by the Elliot O. Grosvenor Food Safety Award Committee.

The winner of this award will designate one individual to represent them at the annual AFDO Conference held yearly in June in order to publicly receive recognition.

Award-Winning Entries


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