Association of Food and Drug Officials

Industry Perspective

The Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) is the premiere professional organization for regulatory food, drug and medical device officials from local, state and federal agencies. It is also an organization for officials from these regulated industries.

AFDO is an effective organization with a solid record of accomplishment. It actively works to improve and protect the nations' health and safety and to further the concepts of uniform and rational regulation.

AFDO has become a recognized voice in determining and shaping the national policies that affect all public health stakeholders. The consensus that AFDO develops is key to advancing uniform laws, regulations and guidelines that result in more efficient regulation and less confusion among industry in the marketplace.

Membership within AFDO affords industry officials the following opportunities:
  • A voice on national regulatory issues
  • Opportunity to provide input into national policy
  • Interaction with key government officials in a non-adversarial setting
  • Input into the development of model laws, regulations and guidance documents


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