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association of
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Many Perspectives, One Voice Since 1896

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Membership Benefits

Those of us who are charged with the responsibility of protecting public health in agencies and industry across America need to work together to enable our resources to stretch further to “get the job done”. Recalls often involve more than one state and mandate the ability to communicate information and strategies quickly.

AFDO has initiated a “Call to Action” for all stakeholders affected by national health issues. Today, more than ever before, there is a need for unity among those who protect public health in government, industry and academia to address the mounting challenges to our resources and resolve.

For over 100 years, AFDO has been a major voice for food, drug, medical device and consumer product safety officials. We encourage broad participation in the many issues that we are currently involved in, among them are: Integrating the Food Safety System, National Uniformity Legislation, Improvement Strategies for Recalls, Promotion of HACCP, Food Safety Education, Industry and Regulatory Training and Uniform Regulatory Practices.
Professional Growth

Our regulatory environment is unique. Even with our diversity we share the same problems and solutions, though our regulations and approaches might differ significantly. We get some of our best ideas from each other - practical solutions to real problems. This opportunity to network gives you valuable insight into the regulatory thought process.

Additionally, professional organizations are an asset because they increase your knowledge as well as value to your employer.

Annual Educational Conference

Each June AFDO holds a five-day educational conference. This conference attracts leaders from regulatory agencies, regulated industries and academia. Members are provided up-to-date, accurate information on current legislative, regulatory and technical issues. Current problems are discussed in formal sessions, round-table discussions, various committee meetings and informally at the many social events. Association resolutions, policies and drafts of model legislation are considered and voted on at these meetings.


The Association has many standing and adhoc committees that deal with the varied interests of the membership. Members are invited to participate fully in the research and deliberations by joining the committees of their choice. Each committee receives annual charges that address current and emerging issues. Formal reports of committee activities are provided to all members.

Model Codes and Legislation

Growing out of the work of committees are the model codes and ordinances that AFDO has developed over the years. Working on these codes can be a personal education in the legislative process at the same time that it helps move the nation towards regulatory uniformity.


AFDO is comprised of six regional affiliates. Through its regional affiliates, a partnership process has been created which link all the affiliates together with each other and with the national organization. Regional association resolutions are forwarded to AFDO for consideration by its membership. In addition, AFDO appoints representatives to work with other major associations. This promotes cooperation and coordination on projects of general interest.


AFDO publishes technical papers, reports, information circulars and booklets that are available to members either gratis or at cost.

Sphere of Influence

Being an open organization with leadership elected by its members, AFDO speaks out on behalf of, and in full consultation with, its membership. Important resolutions are adopted at the annual conferences and given serious consideration by both industry and governmental agencies. AFDO Board members meet with the leadership of these regulatory bodies both formally and informally to exchange views.

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