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Risk-Based Inspection Methods in Retail (FD218)

This workshop builds upon concepts learned in FD215 Managing Retail Food Safety and is designed to further enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of food safety inspection officers in conducting risk-based inspections.

Topics include:

  • Key terms, applicable laws/policies, and necessary equipment
  • Food microbiology
  • Three common food preparation processes and their associated hazards and control measures
  • Communication techniques related to risk-based inspections including establishing rapport, active listening, asking strategic questions, and oral versus print culture communication styles
  • Strategies used to focus the inspection, set priorities, and determine inspection flow
  • Differences between assessing code compliance and active managerial control (AMC) of foodborne illness risk factors during inspections and the reasons why assessing AMC is essential to public health
  • Techniques for determining code compliance and AMC of foodborne illness risk factors
  • Determining the most appropriate immediate corrective actions for out-of-control foodborne illness risk factors
  • Determining the most appropriate long-term intervention strategies for out-of-control risk factors

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