Association of Food and Drug Officials

Board of Directors

Steven Mandernach, President
Iowa Department of Inspection and

Pamela Miles, President-Elect
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Steven Moris, Vice-President
Kansas Department of Agriculture

Natalie Adan, Secretary/Treasurer
Georgia Department of Agriculture

Stan Stromberg, Past-President
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture

Brenda Morris, Director-at-Large
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Benjamin Miller, Director-at-Large
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Barbara Cassens, FDA Advisor
U.S. Food and Drug Administrator

Keith Payne, USDA Advisor
U.S. Department of Agriculture

John Martin, DHS Advisor
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Vince Radke, CDC Advisor
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nicole Bouchard-Steeves, CFIA Advisor
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Kenneth Moore, Health Canada Advisor
Health Canada

Mark Sestak, AFDOSS Regional Director
Alabama Department of Public Health

Erik Bungo, CASA Regional Director
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Elizabeth Nutt, MCAFDO Regional Representative
Tulsa Health Department

Kirsten Knopff, NCAFDO Regional Director
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Darby Greco, NEFDOA Regional Director
New York State Department of Health

Randy Treadwell, WAFDO Regional Director
Washington State Department of Agriculture

Joe Corby, Executive Director
Association of Food and Drug Officials

Krystal Reed, Association Manager
Association of Food and Drug Officials

Cynthia Culmo, Board-Appointed Advisor
Drugs and Medical Devices

Gerald Wojtala, Board-Appointed Advisor
International Food Protection Training Institute

Doug Saunders, Board-Appointed Advisor
The Coca-Cola Company

Ali Kashani, Board-Appointed Advisor
Association of American Feed Control Officials

Nancy Singer, Board-Appointed Advisor
Drugs and Medical Devices

AFDO’s Board of Directors met in Washington, DC on October 30-November 1, 2016

Front Row: (Left to Right) Natalie Adan, Secretary/Treasurer; Pamela Miles, President-Elect; Steven Mandernach, President; Steve Moris, Vice-President; Joe Corby, Executive Director

Back Row: (Left to Right) Jeff Farrar, FDA Advisor; John Martin, DHS Advisor; Nancy Singer, Industry Advisor; Mark Sestak, AFDOSS Director; Katherine Simon, NCAFDO Director; Barbara Cassens, FDA Advisor; Brenda Morris, Director at Large; Kirsten Knopff, NCAFDO Director; Benjamin Miller, Director at Large; Stan Stromberg, Past-President; Krystal Reed, Association Manager; Elizabeth Nutt, MCAFDO Director; Vince Radke, CDC Advisor; Erik Bungo, CASA Director; Ali Kashani, AAFCO Advisor; Jerry Wojtala, IFPTI Advisor; Ron Klein, Program Director


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