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RFP for FDA eLearning Course Updates

September 07, 2018 3:20 PM | Amy Bonsell (Administrator)

The Association ("AFDO") is requesting proposals for reviewing and updating a series of eLearning courses. The full details can be reviewed by downloading the official RFP. All interested parties must submit an application by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on September 15, 2018.

Download Official RFP

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) [Revised September 5, 2018]

1.) Is AFDO open to having a couple of vendors team together to provide the response and do the work?

Yes, but include the subcontractors experience and how you plan to utilize their services for this project.

2.) Are you looking to have the content updated to a higher level of interactivity?

Yes, a higher level of interactivity would be ideal. Any modifications would need to meet specific section 508 requirements.

3.) Please confirm that this is the latest copy of the FDA IFSS NCS regulatory framework:

Yes, that is the latest version.

4.) When you say, “conducts framework competency development work” are you asking if the vendor is working on the framework or working within the framework?

Both are preferred. Greater emphasis to those who have worked within the framework with competency development for prescribed course structure.

5.) May we have a link (or document) for the FDA OTED eLearning specification?

There isn’t a single document. The key here is showing flexibility. Here are the current requirements for formative assessments and a lexicon for the Gen Eds.

6.) For the Senior/Key Persons Profile, are you looking for a name followed by a brief bio?  Or are you looking for a name together with a longer CV or biographical sketch?

We are only looking for a brief bio for each senior/key person involved in the project.

7.) Should we include all the RFP elements into the five page proposal?

Only the narrative is limited to five pages. The other components (i.e., bios, costs) can be attachments.

8.) Does the organization have a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who suggested the module topics that are outlined on page 3 of RFP?

The topics come from the Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) Food Protection Professionals Curriculum Framework. These are the basic modules for entry level individuals (the bottom row).

9.) Will the chosen vendor work from a storyboard that was previously created?


10.) Does the organization have a budget limit they would like to share with interested vendors, a range the organization would like to set? 

We have not set a minimum or maximum budget limit.

11.) Does the organization have an active LMS to house the updated eLearning courses?

Yes, it is the FDA’s LMS (Pathlore).

12.) Does the organization currently outsource eLearning or currently work with a web-based training vendor? If so, who?

Yes - the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) and Microassist.

13.) Were the eLearning courses previously developed using Lectora? Is the organization only interested in using Lectora as an eLearning authoring tool? Will the organization consider other eLearning authoring tools (e.g., Captivate, Storyline 360, etc.)?

We are currently requiring the use of Lectora 12.

14.) Page 3 of RFP provides a breakdown of the eLearning courses, what does the column “pages in course” refer to? Does it refer to a single page that must be updated? Or, does it refer to the total number of pages that must be updated? We are trying to determine how much content need to be updated. Please clarify.

It refers to how many pages there are currently in the course. The amount of changes will depend on the outcome of the initial course reviews.

15.) Can you please provide an estimated/average duration for the current eLearning courses (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.)?

The level of interactivity is limited without narration. If you combine that factor with the page count, it should give you a rough estimate for each course.

16.) Page 1 of RFP states, “Introduce AFDO selected SMEs to the FDA IFSS NCS elearning course development process via webinars.” Please clarify what is meant by this statement. Is the chosen vendor expected to provide training on the development process as it relates to developing/updating the course using the eLearning authoring tool? Does the development process refer to a walk through of the project plan and deliverables that are associated with the process for updating the courses?

We want to make sure the SMEs are informed of their roles and responsibilities prior to any face-to-face meetings. They will not be expected to use Lectora or any eLearning authoring tools.


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